At Premiers Gaskets, we specialize in the manufacturing of die cut gaskets and other die cut products.  We pride ourselves on quality and on-time delivery.

Premier Gaskets is an end-to-end manufacturer of non-metallic gaskets and products.  We exist to use our knowledge, experience and ingenuity to bring your ideas into being.  From your initial point of contact, to receiving your product, and all steps in between, we make it our goal to satisfy the customer at every step.

When customers come to us looking for a resolution to a problem or to create a new product, we are there to facilitate that process.  That’s our Purpose!!  This is WHY  we do what we do.

Our modern manufacturing plant is equipped to meet and exceed all your needs for gasket fabrication, roll slitting and die cutting services.

At Premier Gaskets Inc., we take care of all of your needs. When you need it done right … right now! You’ll like doing business with us.

In January 2017, Premier Gaskets became ISO 9001:2015 certified under the latest standard.  This gives our customers confidence that we take quality quite seriously and as a company we are committed to excellence.

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Contact us for custom quotes, company information and for technical assistance. We’re here to help.


We strive to accommodate a wide range of customer needs, from prototyping to high speed, high volume production.


We specialize in gaskets and tapes primarily manufactured from various foam, sponge and adhesive materials.

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About Premier Gaskets

Premier Gaskets OntarioPremier Gaskets Inc. was established by a team with over 75 years of combined experience in materials, product and processing technology. The company has highly qualified personnel that have industry experience in Sales, Engineering, Operations and Administration. The knowledge and expertise of our dedicated staff and management, combined with our innovative and quality-driven philosophy, helps us separate ourselves from our competitors in the marketplace.

Services & Capabilities

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