Die Cutting & Kiss Cutting


Premier Gaskets specializes in high-speed, high-volume rotary die cutting.  We also use punch presses and clicker presses for smaller volume applications.

Premier Gaskets offers die cutting services in order to fabricate products to unique client requirements. Premier Gaskets is able to meet the die cutting requirements of a wide range of industries and applications. While our primary specialty is die cut gaskets, we can also provide services on many other die cut shapes with various materials.

Die cutting is the precise fabrication or conversion of selected materials into sheet or roll forms in the desired shape and size. Premier Gaskets is ready to assist with the creation of custom gaskets that meet the exact needs of your upcoming project from engineering to final delivery.

Die cutting is performed by means of die cutting machines such as a press or a rotary die, and is used to cut a two-dimensional product out of a flat sheet of material. Premier Gaskets is a top-of-the-line die cutter ready to serve your needs with four different types of presses.

Kiss Cutting is also available. In this process, the die cuts through the material and backing (adhesive) as to form the gasket, but does not cut through the paper backing. By using this precision cutting, the end user is enabled to easily peel and stick the product to the desired location while keeping the material in a neatly organized fashion.


Rotary Die Cuting Services

Our rotary presses can custom cut products to maximize your output and minimize your production cost. Our knowledgeable staff can help you with your most demanding applications.

  • Fastest method of die-cutting
  • Economical for large volume runs
  • Precision parts
  • High quality and consistent tolerance
  • Through-cuts or kiss-cuts available

Successfully meeting the needs of multiple industries, our rotary die cutting services can be applied to a wide assortment of materials, including: Adhesives, Aluminum Foil, Cloths, Cork, Fiber, Films, Felt, Foam, Metalized Paper, Paper, Plastics, Rubber, Sponge, Teflon, and Vinyl.  Rotary die cutting offers a number of unique advantages. Rotary dies can cut the material down to but not through the liner. Additionally, the liner may be underscored for easy removal from the die cut part. This equipment can also be used to apply pressure sensitive adhesive.