Horizontal Splitting


Our horizontal splitting machine is used to efficiently and economically cut buns and rolls made of foam, sponge, and other materials into thinner sheets.


Horizontal splitting is the process of taking materials in sheet/bun form and splitting them down to your required thickness. The machine can cut materials as soft as foam to materials as hard as rubber with the same level of precision.. The band knife is automatically adjusted after each cut to maintain the accuracy tolerance. The ratio between the material, feed rollers, band knife tip, and band knife guidance remains constant. This means that a consistent cutting quality is achieved over the entire lifespan of the band knife.


  • Efficient use of materials. Minimal waste                       ●  All-purpose
  • Simple operation and maintenance                              ●  Increases feed rate
  • Reduces downtime                                                    ●  Very low tolerances
  • Band knife automatically adjusted