Laminating / Slitting


Premier Gaskets has the capacity to custom laminate a variety of adhesives to your selected material and in the same process slit to a wide width.

Our laminating services incorporate several different types of equipment and fixtures in order to bond layers of materials and, more commonly, to apply pressure sensitive adhesive or slitting to final configuration.  Our laminator can accommodate 60″ width of material and use heat laminating systems to laminate heat-activated or cold-bonding adhesive products, slit and rewind.  Designed for processing sheet or roll goods including sponge, plastic, foam, textiles and other materials.


  • Solid state temperature controllers                             ●  Adjustable drive with web speed indicator
  • Adjustable score cutters for slitting to width                ●  Laminate roll or sheet material
  • Variable torque control for precise rewind tension         ●  Mobile control console for easy operation
  • Two sets of silicone rubber-coated pinch rollers to eliminate curl