Vertical Band Saw Cutting


Vertical Saw Cutting allows for the cutting and trimming of blocks and slabs of material down to managable size for other machines to process.


Vertical Saw Cutting is a process of taking materials in large format (i.e. Buns) and cutting down into smaller sizes or using the machine to trim edges.   At Premier Gaskets we have two vertical saw cutting machines: one has a stationary cutting head, where the table moves (for harder materials) and the other has a movable head, where the table is stationary (for softer materials). Both feature a circulating band knife that is ground smoothly on both sides, meaning cuts can be carried out both in the forward and reverse run of the cutting unit. This minimizes unproductive empty running, making the machine an extremely effective, high-performance tool. This machine allows you to trim or divide short blocks with enormous flexibility. The machines can cut materials as soft as foam to materials as hard as rubber.


  • Efficient use of materials – no waste                                   ●  All-purpose
  • Simple operation and maintenance                                    ●  Trims to size with speed and precision
  • 2 machines reduces downtime